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Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Welcoming your patients, customers and staff to a sparkling clean, sanitized and healthy environment, will surely have it's benefits!  You too, will notice the Maid For The Beach difference!  

We offer customized cleaning solutions for any business.  From Health Clinics, to Government facilities, owners and management rely upon us to provide efficient and proper service.  Maid For The Beach complies to industry standards established by OSHA, EPA & CDC as well as HIPPA regulations.  

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Realtors & Property Managers 

Working closely with Property Managers and Realtors, we have honed our move-in/ move-out, and post-construction cleaning skills to perfection!  Offering fast, efficient, next-day service, our job is to ensure that your goals are met in a quick & timely manner.   When you and your business succeed, we succeed together.  

Transparent pricing is offered with our newly updated, 2020 Cost Guide.  Email or text us at 843-360-5819 to request a copy.

FORMS: Click here For Our Deep Clean Check List

Homes/ Rental Properties/ Condos/ AirBnB

A clean and comfortable home carries a strong aura of perfection, an ambiance of clarity and a sense of wholesomeness. That's a feeling of unsurpassed bliss and a sense of accomplishment.  The mundane chore of maintaining your home or vacation rental turnovers, is now as easy as a visit from Maid For The Beach.

Enjoy a sense of peace knowing that only the highest grade of therapeutic essential oils are used in our very own proprietary blend of safe, pet-friendly cleaning preparations for residential clients.

Maid For The Beach proudly works side-by-side with owners of vacation rentals, using Airbnb, VRBO, Evolve, and HomeAway platforms, ensuring that their guests have a fresh, clean set of linens, towels, and toiletries to enjoy during their stay.  We are proud to announce that we have consistently earned our clients a 5-star rating in the cleanliness of their rental properties.

Forms: Click Here For Our Guest Room Cleaning Checklist

Forms: Vacation Rental/ Linens Cost Guide

Mold Remediation & Other Services

MOLD: As we all know, mold can be a very serious, toxic health hazard.  We have the proper safety equipment and chemicals to treat and remove mold from both hard impermeable surfaces, as well as porous materials (wood and drywall.)

ODOR REMOVAL:  Specializing in removing odors from surfaces, walls, floors and the like, we use an ozone generator to zap smoke, pet and all other mal-odors, to include airborne toxins,  ensuring a healthy and safe environment.  


Ceiling Cleaning

What do customers see when they look up?  Maid For The Beach cleans overhead structures, fixtures, vents and ceilings of restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. Our professional methods will result in ceilings looking cleaner and brighter, regardless of the ceiling type:  Acoustic Tile, Rock Vinyl Tile, Open Beam or Textured.

Our comprehensive cleaning process offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to painting or tile replacement.  Work can be done after business hours, or during a time that won’t impact your business.

Monthly Filter Service

Maid For The Beach offers our very popular monthly air filter change service.   Enjoy a healthy home or place of business, save money on heating and cooling costs, while reducing allergens, dust mites and dander.

Emergency Cleaning

Help is on the way. There are several reasons you may suddenly need emergency cleaning or building maintenance services. Typically, it's in the form of clean up in the aftermath of a fire, storm, or water damage from burst pipes.  Perhaps your regular service provider didn't show up.  Whatever the case might be, we can can assist. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Yes, Maid For The Beach owns a tool belt!  Light bulb replacement, outlets, light fixtures, screen repair, drywall repair, painting, pressure washing, custom projects, laminate counters,  tile work, you name it, we'll tackle it.

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Residential cleaning

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Mold Removal

Specialty Cleaning

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Vacation Rental Cleaning

5-Star, Impeccable Service

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Before and After Post-Construction Cleaning

Deep Clean